Management Consultant

Working at Capgemini Consulting UK in the Finance, Risk and Control team, focussing on Financial Services.

I provide more detail of my work experience on my LinkedIn Profile. But in short…

I moved into consulting in 2015, joining Capgemini Consulting’s Finance, Risk and Compliance team (then known as the Finance Transformation team) based out of their London office. I use a blend of my analytical background and technology/creative passions to help organisations translate and visualise their data. Using this approach I can even turn boring project management information into something interesting with key performance indicators (KPIs) and other measures of success/failure to drive discussions, decisions and actions to improve performance.

Some of my favourite tools for this kind of work is Tableau and Qlikview, but I’m just as comfortable using good old Excel. As the famous quote by Peter Drucker states: “What Gets Measured Gets Managed”.

To date, I’ve worked on major technology transformation programmes in the financial services sector and brought my accounting rigour to help improve the reporting on these large-scale, multi-country programmes to ensure they remain on target for both timelines and budget.