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DISCLAIMER: This group does not provide investment advice! I / we are not financial advisors. We only share our opinions and you should do your own due dillegence and/or consult a registered financial advisor before investing. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Only invest / risk what you are willing / able to lose.

Why would you join?

You would typically have saved between £1,000 and £10,000 and are now looking to invest your money, identifying with one of these two groups:

You’ve been thinking about taking your first step to invest but dont know where to start. You’ve seen all sorts of things that are looking to “help you” but are unsure where to start and who to trust.

You understand the fundamentals, have made some investments, and are interested to learn more from likeminded people and find different opportunities to invest in.

You and we typically don’t have heaps of time to spend hours or days doing research into companies, or other investments to understand if it is a good time/place to invest. As a growing group of likeminded people, open to learning & sharing our collective knowledge to grow portfolio.

W’e’re here to help, whether you’re a novice just starting out or someone who’s been investing for a while. 

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If you are interested to Learn (about investing), Share (your experiences and knowledge) and Grow (personally and hopefully your wealth) then join the WhatsApp group today.

From novices to experts, we welcome all experience levels. We are here to suport you.

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Current Opportunities

Below are the latest opportunities that the Group is looking into. Get in touch to find out more using the links below.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

You can invest in cryptocurrencies (buy & keep), or you can trade (buy/sell) and use global arbitrage (price differences) to earn money.

(Short term; Income; South Africans only)

Global Real Estate Investment

Invest on a global real estate platform in properties across the world from as little as £1,000. Properties generate quarterly income, paid directly to you.

(Medium term; Income; Growth)

Sport / Activity Company

Investment opportunity into a pioneering sport / activity company. Your investment will span both a property and an income generating business.

(Long Term; Growth)