Wealth Migrate: Closing the Wealth Gap

Have you ever seen the World Poverty Clock? (link below)

It’s a stark reminder of the widening wealth gap, and whilst I’m sure there are many government, public and private organisations working on ways to close the gap there was one company which I came across that is trying to do this in a very interesting way.

Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is a growing and trusted leading global real estate investment marketplace which gives investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets. In simpler terms, they help you create your wealth through access to curated global real estate investments.

Through their platform, they are working towards enabling the 99% to invest like the 1%, that by the swipe of a finger and from as little as $1 per transaction, anybody, anywhere, can invest in one of the oldest stores of value – property.

Wealth Migrate’s vision and mission is to impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2020 through closing the wealth gap.
Scott Picken
CEO, Wealth Migrate

One of the elements of their organisation is the Wealth Movement, their beautifully written Manifesto is:

Imagine a world where…

  • most or all people are literate
  • education is par for the course
  • a world where woman are treated as equals
  • all people have access to (investment) opportunities

In this world children will grow up in a family, and raised in a home their parents own.
Because of this, they will be healthier and have access to healthcare facilities and caregivers.
They live in less stressful environments with less conflict in their homes.

Imagine a world where 6 billion people on the planet who currently live in poverty can live a better life…
…Even if we can only help a billion in the next 5 years

Imagine that world
#WEALTHMOVEMENT aims to create that world.

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