Houses of Parliament


I took advantage of the longer evenings this week and went to experiment with a new iPhone App I downloaded called SlowShutter.
The App allows you to control your shutter speeds and even allows for a Bulb setting.

Taking a short stroll (due to winter windy conditions) armed with my iPhone 4, Hipstamatic case and Gorillapod managed to do a quick setup on Westminster Bridge and took the photo above.

It came out pretty nice I think, but I changed te white balance slightly in another App called SnapSeed and the added the copyright / branding with an App called Impression.

The iPhone continues to amaze and inspire me to take more photos, especially with all the cool Apps out there it certainly fuels creativity.

To quote a very well known photographer:

The best camera is the one you have with you.

And because the iPhone is with me always it is fast becoming my “go-to” camera.