{Couples} The Brown’s London Landmark shoot

Welcome to the first entry to the “London Landmark” category.

Thanks to my good friends, Candice and Grant, I dusted of my camera for a fun couple shoot.
The shoot took place around some of the more iconic London Landmarks and places of special interest to both Candice and Grant.

Those that know Candice will agree she is fascinated by the Royal Family and knows quite a lot about them. For example, Queen Elizabeth II has the chance to become the longest ruling Monarch.
Queen Victoria has the longest reign (63 years, 216 days), only 1,426 days more than the Queen Elizabeth II.

And the fact that it is mainly the female monarchs who dominate the longer periods of ruling.
Very interesting!

I had loads of fun shooting this couple, and if you are interested in a similar shoot please complete the Contact form.

Enjoy the photos below.



Shoot Summary

Makeup and styling: AB Life MUA
Location: London Southbank area

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