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My name is Johan du Toit, I’m a London based management consultant at Capgemini Invent and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CIMA, CGMA). I’ve been living and working in London since 2007, moving here from my home country, South Africa, to explore new horisons.

I love to talk about FinTechs, data visualisation, personal finance, Excel, and you’ll see my eyes light up when you mention motorcycling or snowboarding. I’m fortunate in that my wife loves (read “is addicted to”) travelling. She inspires me to explore so much more of our world and she’s my favourite travel companion.

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At Capgemini Invent, I've worked across a number of sectors, harnessing my skills to build effective information delivery methods and helping deliver global programmes.


I've been a mentor to a number of colleagues and I'm looking for new opportunities to mentor people outside of my organisation, especially in the start-up community.


I continually look to develop myself both professionally and personally, focussing on reading non-fiction books and attending a wide variety of courses. (my reading list)

key influencers

We all have people that have made a tremendous impact on our lives…
Below are some of the key people who’ve influenced me both personally and professionally. To find out why they have influenced me, or are still such an influence on me, click on their photos. When you click on the icons below their names you’ll find their websites and social media profiles.

what do people say about ME

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people in the past and I’ve been lucky that they’ve been willing to provide me with feedback that always helps me develop further. Here are some exerpts…

Having worked closely with Johan in support of a key financial services client, I can vouch first-hand for the professionalism, expertise and dedication of this senior finance, risk and compliance consultant. His attention to detail was superb and I could rely implicitly on Johan to deliver accurate and timely results. Similarly, the Client had the utmost respect for Johan as he could be trusted to consistently deliver first-class results.

~ J Shipley, Engagement Lead ~

I worked with Johan over a 7 year period durng which the company experienced massive growth which required significant internal development of systems, processes and analytics to keep pace and maintain the company’s momentum. Johan was one of the key employees driving quality and foresight in the business over this time as we went from a medium sized business to a truly global company.

~ C Dubreuil, Managing Director ~

What else interests me?

In short, sharing new experiences with people I love and care about.

Exploring the world with my wife

My wife's travelled to more than 40 countries, seen all 7 wonders of the world, and her love for adventure is intoxicating - she's the perfect travel companion and a great inspiration.

Adventure motorcycling

A long winding road, feeling temperature changes, smelling your surroundings - you immerse yoursefl in the environment and journey - it's not just about the destination, but also the journey.


There is something magical about sitting on top of a mountain, taking in the views of the snow covered mountains, strapping on your snowboard and then carving fresh lines all day long.

I write (sometimes)

I don’t write as regular as Seth Godin or Tim Ferris, but occasionally I feel the urge to write something down and share that. Feel free to read my thougths…

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