After graduating in 2004, Johan started his career in Johannesburg (South Africa) and moved to London (United Kingdom) in 2007 to pursue his professional qualification. Johan completed his Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) qualification in 2013, gaining over 10 years of industry experience before joining the world of Management Consulting in 2015. Johan has since enjoyed working with a number of high profile clients as part of Capgemini Consulting’s Finance Transformation team.
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Capgemini Consulting

Johan is currently working in the Finance, Risk and Compliance practice at Capgemini Consulting UK with a particular focus on the Financial Services industry.

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Research Now

Johan worked for Research Now, the global leader in digital data collection, as a Financial Analyst for 7 years. It was here that he qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 2013.

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Network Rail

Johan worked for the national rail network provider for 7 months as a Project Accountant.

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Hackney Council

Long before Hackney become the cool and hip place it is today, Johan worked as for the Local Council as an Accountancy Assistant.

Hello, my name is Johan

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Hello, my name is Johan du Toit. I’m currently working as a management consultant based in London working mainly with clients in the financial services industry as part of the Finance, Risk and Compliance practice at Capgemini Consulting.
Outside of work I’m also a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, avid snowboarder and keen photographer, but let me share with you where my journey began...

I grew up in South Africa, in a small town called Welkom, before enrolling in the University of Johannesburg’s B.Com accounting degree and graduating in 2004. My professional career started in Johannesburg, but after two years I decided to pursue my professional qualification and took the opportunity to move to London (UK). I completed my Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA, CGMA) qualification in 2013 and gained over 10 years of industry experience before joining the world of Management Consulting in 2015.

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